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I'm back from holidays and back online. Lotripping rocks. It got me through many a jetlagged night of insomnia. This is a big thank you to everyone who contributed, and most of all to the amazing Hope for putting it together. AND darling msilverstar for selling me a copy in an dark underground carpark in San Francisco (no joke – how's that for slash being like crack?!).

Here's more feedback for those that want...

Auld Lang Syne by Kaydee Falls
Lovely entertaining silliness, full of fun and drunkenness, plus great girl-on-girl slash. I did wonder that the cast would have a NYE party that contained no one but the central members of the film. Don't they have any other friends?

Incunabula by sophrosyne31
Unbearable, horrid to read. I cursed my dear Soph for writing something so full of angst – I was furious at her for making me feel so keenly. Did NOT cure my insomnia.

Mutual Appreciation Society by Sparcck
Got hot graphic wanking sex with lots of fantasies – just what a girl on holiday needs.

The Part That Really Matters by Strawberry
The first story I read and the one that I let my non-slash friend I was traveling with read. The little girls with Dom and the S'Pippin scene made me squee with cuteness.

Paint Myself by becoming
Made me wonder, will this fandom world we inhabit – which as Hope said, usually has high turnover rates – have faded by next spring?

Into the Dark by msilverstar
I loved that it was adult sex, with two grown men. I love the childishness of the hobbits, but it was great to see a new take – so very real, no fluff, with historical references and backstory of their lives.

Making Amends by Trianne
I loved Wolf, pathetic Elijah, empowered Elijah, surly Dom, drunk Dom, slutty Dom and I particularly loved the unresolved sexual tension of Domlijah with the hilarious (mobile phone in bbq!) and touching resolution at the end.

Cops ‘n Robbers by Shaenie
OMG, I remember how Shaenie's writing enticed me into this world to begin with. Hilarious & hot sex, in a forest, with good cop/bad cop and stealing each other's guns.

Vanishing Points by Echo
Made me sad. I am tired of all this.

Equipoise by Blythely
Hot controlled tense Billy – I found it an unusual pairing, with dom Orli and sub Billy.

Monkey Lore by Eliyah
Dunno what Pearl Sago is. Monkey magic cameo was great. Poor puppy Elijah.

Lodestone by Sheldrake
I didn't get this one – I kept trying, but I couldn't quite get all the bits together in my head (Jones, fossil, Orli, Dom).

Occupation by Beizy
A great, fully-formed story told in such a fractured way, which works surprisingly well. The tightness of the style, and a sustained focus on the narrative make this an impressive, understated work.

Spelling Dominic by Ella Minnow
A plausible interpretation of someone struggling with grief and becoming suddenly alienated to those closest.

Orlando by Rave
Short but detailed – great parallel of physical and emotional pain plus a very vulnerable Orli (not so much pretty boy for a change), an unusually capable Dom (a nice surprise) and good DomOrli sparkage. Also, reincarnated as a pair of nail scissors – know that feeling.

Eleven ways not to start an autobiography by Mary
An enthralling read – I was halfway through before I realized I was reading an AU. Liked the fullness of each character, their interactions and how they each fitted into this world (which was equally as intense and insular in its own way as filming LOTR).

Against the dying of the light by Karri
I so wanted a happy ending but when I got there, suddenly the title made perfect sense.

New Zealand Sky by Bunnie
Such a romantic idea. Paint and henna and surprises. Healing, calming love. Home will follow you wherever you go.

Rain in LA by Dee
I couldn't work out where this was going but was enjoying the ride. And then... I love a story that ends with hot LOTR boy sex at the end.

Full Circle by Shanalla
Gotta love a good hobbitpile. I've never been able to work out how a sustained 3-way relationship works though, without jealousies, alliances and feeling like the 3rd wheel. Maybe I'm just naive.

Dearly Beloved by Mcee
All the vignettes worked well, and tiny glimpses of each world were tantalizing but I wanted MORE. Too short. Getting to the end and suddenly working out all the threads was great.

Emergence by Cassandra
My first ever wing!fic. Took me quite by surprise after the intensity of the early part of the story. Seemed a bit silly at first but then the unexpected fluttering won me over.

Dinner Dates by becoming
Must confess I don't know what to make of this one.

Never Go Home by Inbetweens
You're fucking hard to seduce when you're brooding. Ha! Loved the horses, the having-a-hard-time Viggo (who is so often written as unflappable) and the annoyingly charming Dom.

Above all, my favourite is Hope's editorial – an intelligent analysis of the world of fan fiction, containing history, validation, enthusiasm and a reasoned explanation of how slash fits with the rest of my consumption of popular culture.
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