kicking pixies (h0bbity) wrote in lotripping,
kicking pixies

I've been ridiculously slow when it comes to reading the whole zine - mainly because I keep having to find times and places to read openly without getting caught out (I'm a school teacher and accidentally managed to leave it at school for two days, tucked inside a folder full of children's coursework -eek!). I'm also holding back on the feedback, as I don't want any writers feeling put out that I read certain fics before others: full feedback will have to wait until I've finally had a chance to enjoy the whole zine.

However, whilst reading last night I decided I had to post here to praise the most frustrating - but also most helpful (bad word choice, I know) aspect of the collection. Although each fic is rated and pairings are listed in the index, there is no clue as to the type of fic... Normally I'm very selective and have to be pushed to read outside of what I'm used to, but I've found myself reading all sorts that I wouldn't normally venture into - especially AU!

So thanks. Whether this was the conscious intention or not, the zine has finally pushed me outside of my lotrips comfort zone and I'm loving it!

/end sycophancy
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