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Some belated feedback

Right, well, my copy finally got to me. I read all of them in about 4 days, at the possible expense of my degree ;)

so here's some feedback, probably not everyone just yet, i'm knackered:

First of all, i <3 the cover. i don't know who's responsible, so whoever you are, it's wonderful.

- A really great way to lead into the fiction. As a late comer to the whole fandom, and an enthusiast for popular culture studies, i found it an enjoyable and enlightening read.

- It's always good to start off laughing out loud, and then continue right to the end of the piece. I love the fact that i was enjoying for its own sake and then was presented with a great twist. You used a familiar premise and made it something new with unconventional pairings and fantastic humour. One of my favourites!

- Elijah/Billy is always a pairing i can't find when i want it, and so have rarely read anything outstanding. This however, was wonderful. I tend to avoid angsty stuff as i have a mortal fear of melodrama, but finished this with the sense that i have read something realistic whilst also poetic. i enjoyed Viggo's character in this, and Dom was wonderful. As a loyal Monaboyd fan, i have a tendency to get half way through a fic and wish i was reading Dom and Billy getting it on, but here it was all about Billy's personal journey, which was so refreshing. this was one of the fics i didn't want to end. so i say rather quietly...sequal?

- Ahhhhhh PWP. DomBilLijah PWP. Kudos to whoever put this right after Sophrosyne's fic. Just what i needed. Aside from it being HOT, i liked little things like a sense that Dom and Billy have a bit of a history. basically three lines made my day 'I didn't think you'd just whip it out.', 'You make the loveliest noises, Bill' GUH. and 'I bet Dom sucks cock like a pro.' The temptation to get that printed on a tshirt is immense. Actually just an icon would be cool.

Wahhhh. That's all i can do for now. More soon, everyone deserves proper feedback and i can't think straight on sunday evenings.
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