Hope (angstslashhope) wrote in lotripping,

To anyone who purchased one of these babies at ORC:

aka, the lotrips zine, lotripping; know that the money you gave me went directly to either sean astin's tsunami collection jar, or to the international red cross 'general emergency fund' (whether that be to tsunami, or sudan, or whoever needs it most).

(this situation came about because cafepress gave me a bit of credit to use in their stores due to the fact that so many zines were sold! in order to still not make a profit off this whole venture, i got a bulk order of zines to sell at the con and pass on the 'proceeds' to charity. so everyone is happy ;))

and don't forget to leave feedback! you can do so on the lotripping community, or using the emails on the contributors page, or using the guestbook on the site.

- the editor, making better use of your porn dollars.

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