Reynard V. Pyjama (reynard_pyjama) wrote in lotripping,
Reynard V. Pyjama

Belated zine response

Hello Zine people,

I got my copy of the zine at the end of last year and although I have still not finished it (I am an excruciatingly slow reader), I have been enjoying it very much. The fact that it is a hard copy means that I can appreciate it and revisit it at my own pace. No screen-fatigue to make my eyes bleed or messy scraps of paper to get rumpled and lost. And I can wave it at people and say "look, here's what can be done".

I would firstly like to thank Hope for introducing me to LOTRIPS, and to the zine. Hope, your perspicasity and industriousness are second to none. Your generosity and compassion for fandom, for the texts, characters (both fictional and real), ideas, activities and people involved are an inspiration.

To all the contributors, congratulations, and thank you for your hard work and for sharing your treasures. I haven't finished all the stories yet, but those I've read so far have been a delight and continue to populate my brain. The best part of the whole venture is more than having the stories themselves outputted in a tangible form, it's that the zine speaks vividly of a group of dedicated talented people working together and putting their all into something.

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