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Lotripping [entries|friends|calendar]
Lotrips Zine 2004

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Feedback: Incunabula [28 Sep 2004|02:58pm]

Incunabula by Sophrosyne

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Feedback: Auld Lang Syne [28 Sep 2004|02:34pm]

(working my way through in order, more or less, with the exception of the editorial. Apologies, Hope, but my mother says that she wants to discuss it and put in her two cents before I post feedback.)

Auld Lang Syne, by Kaydee Falls

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official lotrips zine launch [22 Sep 2004|09:17pm]

launch details are as follows:

date/time:  this sunday 26th september, 2pm
where: charmaine's icecream, federation square, melbourne CBD - it's further back into the square, on the river side, opposite the SBS building.  we'll be the crowd of relatively rowdy people, i'll tie a helium balloon to my chair or something so you recognise us (we'll sit outside).
come if... you're a lotrips person in the area!  i'll be there, and a few of the zine authors will be too, as well as a bunch of other melbourne slashors.  if you ordered a zine through andraste_oz, you can pick it up on sunday.

if you know anyone else in melbourne who would be interested, please share this info around!

if you could let me know if you're thinking of coming, too, that would be cool. so's i know how many to expect ;) it'll be pretty casual, though, just loitering around, eating ice cream and gossiping.
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Coming in dribs and drabs, as and when... [19 Sep 2004|09:26am]

That subject header is a great title for a fic *note to self*

Auld Lang SyneCollapse )
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Feedback [18 Sep 2004|11:01am]

I think I got the only copy of "Lotripping" that's faulty and has to go back to Cafe Press! But never mind, still been reading :)

I have commented in my LJ on a couple of these fics but forgot to fb in here, so here goes:

Coppers'n'RobbersCollapse )

The Part That Really MattersCollapse )

New Zealand SkyCollapse )

Into the DarkCollapse )

Will post more fb later. Thanks also to angstslashhope for pulling everything together, and to beccaming for the great artwork :)
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Berreh [17 Sep 2004|11:36pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I will be leaving feedback on the rest of the stories as I go along. I have been way too busy to sit down and read a bunch of stories at one time. I want to savor each one.

I read Berreh's first and here is my feedback for you, m'dear. :)

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Feedback. [17 Sep 2004|11:22pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Since reading the zine is taking longer than I thought (uni is really heavy with reading this semester), I wanna mention the couple I've managed to read while they're still fresh in my mind.

Non-spoilery: beccaming, the cover is beautiful! It really suits the fandom, I think, in a way that a picture or something more erotic wouldn't have. It's sort of like a fic in and of itself, worthy of a bit of staring.

angstslashhope, the editorial was fantastic. Since I'm just sort of out of the slash closet to my family, they're curious, and since they're also afraid of the computer, something hardcopy was good for them to read. Having that opening really helped explain a lot of things I could never really get them to wrap their brains around.

kaydeefallsAuld Lang SyneCollapse )

sophrosyneIncunabulaCollapse )

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feedback [17 Sep 2004|10:06pm]

Finally got around to reading some, despite an extremely busy schedule. Now mind you, these aren't super long profound feedbacks. They're short, first impression ones I scribbled out in my tiny notebook, most while I was half asleep sometime this morning in the wee AM, just as I finished reading them. So please excuse any strangeness, as well as the shortness. I'll be giving more feedback as I read on. Promise.

cover art by becoming

No cut needed, obviously. I love the cover art and am still going over every inch of it and smiling. Unfortunately I have to hide the cover from my family, though only from my sister for the pure reason of being teased by having something that has Viggo written all over the cover, lots of heart, and the questions of 'what does this mean?' But well worth owning, even just for the art work.

the editorial, by Hope

why yes I'm feedbacking this tooCollapse )

Auld Lang Syne by Kaydee Falls

which room shall we got to next?Collapse )

Incunabula by Sophrosyne

I want to go to bed now, thank you very muchCollapse )

Mutual Appreciation Society by Sparcck

this title really really really fits... reallyCollapse )

The Part That Really Matters by Strawberry

sweet Miss Berry, quite extraordinary, how do you like your boys?Collapse )

Paint Myself by becoming

beauty in wordsCollapse )

Into the Dark by Msilverstar

making plans for the weekendCollapse )

Making Amends by Trianne

I once knew a guy by that nameCollapse )

Cops 'n Robbers by Shaenie

you know, the strangest this happened to me...Collapse )

Just so you all know, I love each and every story I have read so far, and I am sure I will love each and every one that I have yet to read. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this huge project and helped make it happen.
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it's me again... [15 Sep 2004|09:14pm]

Feedback for shaenie's Cops and Robbers:

Cut for potential spoilers...Collapse )

Still planning on giving a review for everyone's story, even if the review is brief. Don't get mad! I skip around and I'm a slow reader, so...
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here's some feedback, then. [14 Sep 2004|11:56pm]

I just got my zine. It's an odd story, too. UPS was set to deliver it to my house, but I had class the first two times they stopped by, so I changed the delivery address to my work. The same day I did this, I got home from work and found the package tucked up underneath my welcome mat, thankfully untouched by my mother, to whom it was addressed, because I'd used her credit card to pay for it. But you all don't want to know about that.

So, for some background, I'd just like to explain that I fancy myself a fandom lurker. I've written fiction before, but I fear it's nothing akin to the likes of anything in Lotripping, and I'm okay with that. If I had more time, I'd probably devote it towards the fandom, but I don't. I've never been a huge fan of slash, save for femslash, just because it wasn't ever that appealing to me. Despite this, though, when I was linked to the site through various people on my friends list, I knew that I had to have this zine. I love everything about this fandom. How could you not, really?

The thing that is perhaps the most amazing thing about the zine is that talent of every single author in the thing. I've only had a chance to skim through it and read one or two stories, but, I'm in absolute awe of the writing abilities of everyone involved. Seriously. Bestseller fiction isn't as good as this stuff. I look forward to reading everyone's novels one day. Each of you is brilliant.

And for some specific praise, a bit to sparcck for Mutual Appreciate Society:

Cut for possible spoilers...Collapse )

As I finish reading each fic, I hope to review each of them for all of you.
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Feedback [10 Sep 2004|02:25pm]

[ mood | amazed ]

I'm not sure how we're supposed to leave feedback, but I figure I'll just do it here, behind a cut. I seriously plan on leaving FB for every fic, but I wanted to start with a specific one...

This feedback is for Echo, author of Vanishing PointsCollapse )

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[10 Sep 2004|02:51pm]

attention Melbourne lotrippers!

what: official lotrips zine launch
when: sunday, september 26, late lunch/afternoon
where: melbourne cbd

those of you who ordered zines through andraste_oz will be able to pick them up then. the launch will be pretty informal; i haven't decided where exactly to have it yet, but it'll probably be somewhere like a cafe in federation square, where people can come and go as they please. hopefully a few of the authors who wrote for the zine will be able to attend, including cupiscent, sharpest_rose and sophrosyne31.

book this date into your diary and let me know if you can attend; i'll be posting more information here as i sort things out further.

also, a message to everyone who has ordered or already received the zine - and I know there's about 150 of you:

post or send feedback!

I'm serious. these authors have worked on these stories possibly more than anything else they've written, so tell them what you think! don't let the lack of "post a comment" link discourage you.

different ways to leave feedback:
- post to this community (with spoiler cuts)
- go to the author info page on the website and email or post comments in their lj
- leave a comment on the zine website guestbook

edit: would it be useful if i (or the author) posted an (empty) entry on this community for each author that people could post feedback comments to?

I've noticed a few of you posting things about it in your ljs... please, take the time even to post a link to it in this community, so the authors can see that you're enjoying their work!

Feel free to encourage other people to post feedback too :)


Hope (editor)
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[02 Sep 2004|08:48am]

OMG! by browsing my flist i see that people are starting to receive their zines!

i just wanted to remind you all that as this is hard copy, there isn't a handy 'comment on this' or 'reply' function that you can use once you've read a story... and these authors have worked on these pieces possibly more than anything they've written and posted online.

in other words - they still require feedback!

this community is here to make that easier, as is the author page on the website (with emails linked) and the website's guestbook.

please, however, use cut-tags when reviewing specific stories! i'm sure i don't need to explain why.

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Reminder [29 Aug 2004|10:16am]

If you live in Melbourne and you haven't yet put in your order for the zine, you have until tonight (Sunday night) to let me know - andraste at gmail.com.

The zine cost comes out at $26.10 AUS each, including shipping. Very reasonable; I'm sure you agree!
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Melbourne bulk order details [25 Aug 2004|09:18pm]

[ mood | sick ]

For Melbourne, Australia only, other people please ignoreCollapse )

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[24 Aug 2004|07:37pm]

[ mood | apologetic for the cross post... ]

Lotrips Zine now Available!

Lotripping: Lotrips Zine 2004

click on the banner above to go to the website and browse the summaries, author bios and about sections; or go direct to the purchase page here.

join the lotripping community to keep up to date with the official launch (to be held in melbourne, australia) or to post feedback or discussion on the zine.

the best publicity in fandom is word of mouth, so if you'd like to help spread the word, feel free to choose a banner and copy & paste the code below into your own lj or website.

banners and codes beneath the cutCollapse )

oh, and melbourne people? andraste_oz is heading a mass-ordering, and if you get over 15 you get a discount! ( i think...) plus, it'll save a lot on shipping.  so email me or her if you're interested in being in on it.
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[20 Aug 2004|12:05pm]

Welcome to the Lotripping: Lotrips Zine 2004 community. This community was created to keep the livejournal community up-to-date with the progress of the zine, more specifically its release date and the subsequent launch.

Once the zine is released, this community may be used for feedback and discussion.

For general information on the zine and what it is, visit the website.

Current news:

The final draft of the zine is in the process of its final proofreading, with the estimated date of release being early next week.

The zine is being published through cafepress, which distributes from the US, and will be available to purchase through a range of options (credit card, money order, etc). I'm unsure of price at the moment, but am estimating around $20 (US).

I'm also planning a launch (an actual, physical launch, not just online!) of the zine in Melbourne, Australia, which will coincide with the arrival of the our order of zines from the publisher, a few weeks after it is available (due to shipping!). If you're interested in piggy-backing on our mass order or coming to the launch (which will most likely just be a relaxed lunch, dinner, or just coffee with your fellow lotrips fans), comment here or contact me... or just keep track of this community, where the details will unfold.

Lotripping Editor
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